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Whether you work for a small company with just a dozen or so employees or a large corporation with over a hundred employed men and women, you probably need to have an office cleaning company come in at least a couple of times a month. Many large companies actually require a professional cleaning company to come in for a certain number of times per month. You’ll want to consider the following before choosing the cleaning service that is right for your company.

Will They Cater to Your Schedule?

Most business owners will not want an office cleaning company in the way cleaning while others are in the office, especially clients. One big question to ask is whether or not the cleaning crew will be able to come in very early before workers arrive, or if they can arrive during the evening hours when most employees have left for the day. Most corporate cleaning companies will have no problem arranging unusual hours, but you may also find that independent companies will be able to do the same.

Do They Have an Impressive Reputation?

You’ll obviously want to employee a cleaning company that has a good reputation. To find this out, check into their business history. Can they provide solid references from previous job sites? Are they a member of any local organizations that can vouch for them? Do you know anyone who has personally used them? Word-of-mouth is an excellent way to find an office cleaning company that you can trust, but remember to do your own research on any company before you hire them.

What Do They Offer?

Check to see exactly what each office cleaning company offers in the way of cleaning services. A few questions to ask are:

Are they licensed?

You will want to hire an office cleaning company that is licensed, bonded and insured. A cleaning company that takes the time and effort to complete these important steps should be considered before a company that doesn’t.

Is a free quote included?

Do they offer a free quote and will they actually come out to your office to talk to you and take note of everything that needs to be cleaned?

What type of cleaning will they do?

Do they offer green cleaning? Will they bring their own supplies or must you furnish them? Do they take on heavy cleaning duties, such as window washing and floor scrubbing, or do they only offer simple dusting and vacuuming services?

What are the prices?

Obviously, you will want a company that offers a good deal for their time. Many office cleaning services provide a discount for the first cleaning, so it can be a good idea to ask.

Consider these factors when you are looking to choose the best cleaning company in Canada. Don’t choose anyone without the proper research and questions.

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