4 Ways Call Center Services Can Help Improve Your Company’s Image

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In today’s marketplace, providing average service and customer care is a recipe for disaster. More businesses are learning that a more personal approach to customer care is necessary if they want to stand out among their competitors. Here are four ways you can gain the advantage simply by opting to route some of your customer calls to an inbound call centre.

1. Personal Attention To Customer Needs

People today expect to feel valued by the companies with whom they do business. That sense of value decreases every time their questions or concerns are met with voicemail, phone trees, or busy signals. Small businesses in particular often find it difficult to manage customer care with onsite productivity, and when one suffers, so does the other.

Partnering with an answering service that fields incoming calls can take the pressure off your staff and give them more time to do the things that help you make (and keep) loyal customers. A live voice at the very beginning of the call builds confidence in your company and brand and provides the customer with assurance that you genuinely care for their needs. More online resources are available at Extend Communications.

2. Prompt Resolution for Customer Complaints

The services provided by live call answering services can go miles toward defusing volatile situations that would only escalate if the caller was made to wait, even for just a few minutes, on hold. Many simple problems turn into a much larger ones when the customer’s anger is fueled by your perceived lack of attention.

A live, friendly, professional, and empathetic voice is like an oasis to an angry customer. It provides a sense of comfort and assurance that no recorded message can. It assures the customer that you value their input and are anxious to provide them with a solution to their problem.

3. Shorter Hold Times

While there are some issues that most businesses find necessary to field in-house, not every customer inquiry requires the attention of local staff. Partnering with a call center answering service can help you determine which calls really need to be handled by the local office.

Basic inquiries like hours of operation, directions, and simple customer service questions can easily be handled by an offsite call center. This reduces or eliminates the need for customers to be placed on hold from the beginning of their call, and can drastically reduce local hold times by letting call center personnel reroute only complex issues to designated onsite staff.

4. Better Overall Customer Relations

Most people simply expect to get caught in a phone tree when they call a business these days. Imagine the impression it would make if your customers were met with a live, friendly voice and not an impersonal, layers-deep phone tree when they call you! Providing that kind of immediate attention would most certainly make your business stand out as one that is truly committed to quality customer care.

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